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This year. Let's see.

- Quit job which was solid but not well paid or managed
- Went to Poland and Scotland
- Started excellent, well-suited job
- Met someone, proceeded to nest
- Broke the ever-loving shit out of my hand and lost three to four month's working and travel time to sleeping and not doing anything much.
- Heart Machine Part Deux, Toronto Validation at Nuit Blanche
- Organized a conference
- Stopped keeping so rigorous a diary, as I noticed it just made me remember the blues

Recognized individual moments, swimming, driving, not working. I visited the House of Baba Yaga in the forest up north, watched an old spider I knew when I was eleven. I met my dad again, my sister. Took my cousin to the theatre. Noticed time speeding up. I started my application to an MA, which is useful in that it tells me what I need to actually be working on.

I did not manage to do so much art, I think, but then I see what's what on my portfolio and I revise my opinion; I did a lot this year. It was a good year, really, through the wreckage. I taught myself leather tooling. Seth is getting his tattoo. I'm scared to design my next one.

Adina organized all my friends into the nicest birthday I've ever had in my life, and managed to do this such that it took almost all my fear away. I want to remember that forever, and I am being very careful with the lasered iPad case as a consequence. I am still so grateful that she made me that, and for all the names listed, and all the ones who turned up. It was lovely.

Next Year:
- Finish maple lamp with swing arm (I rescued a tree branch what needs finishing)
- make carapace for the attack bots. Figure out mechanics and programming for wings.
- Finish application to MA for real
- Visit Adina in Berlin
- Apply to calls for entry for festivals for flame effects all over the world.
- Actually start putting the words down for those books I wanted to write, now that I work at an archive and all.
- Psychlepath. Make into actual if simple game of investigating Toronto's downtown core.
- Go skating.
- Crack and hire a housekeeper.
- Camera.

- Actually be the sort of person who deserves to be trusted with a kid, and who runs a house clean enough to be inviting.
- Say yes. Say yes to the dragon year, to the insane promises, and try not to be disappointed when they don't come through.
- Finish applications as they come up.
- Take the time to finish projects, toys, things that are interesting and fun, then actually pursue showing them to people other than my friends.

There's not much more than that. This year was chaotic for so many people, but not for me, I've been fine. I bought/made furniture for real - a dresser, some nice bookshelves, two coffee tables. Replaced my evil bike with a non-evil one. Expensive updates to repair holes. I'm clearing out books and clothes again, scraping the cruft off life, which is good.

This year I turn 30 and I am looking forward to it, I am looking forward to it so much.
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